Hats took to the next level - The interview with the fiery creative duo FATZKE, Patrick Köppchen & Gabriel Schütt

Hats took to the next level - The interview with the fiery creative duo FATZKE, Patrick Köppchen & Gabriel Schütt

Patrick Köppchen and Gabriel Schütt are professional hat makers and have focused and specialized on one product, which has been somewhat overshadowed. When Gabriel was looking for a hat after some time, he didn't find anything he liked. So, he decided to attend a hat workshop in Vienna. When Gabriel and Patrick participated in the first workshop, a flame was ignited that would never be extinguished again. This fiery synergy became known as Fatzke,” who made various hats in the heart of Munich.


We interviewed them for you to find out what moves them and how it all began. Maybe one or two other people will be infected by their fire.


“Creativity knows no limits for us. We believe that creativity cannot be forced. What good is, is good.”


Hey Patrick and Gabriel, how are you doing! I'm happy that you're here for the interview. Please introduce yourself to the readers and tell them about your work?

Hey Moubi, thanks. We are doing fantastic. We just came from our studio and created some new hats again. I'm Patrick, 41, a former ice hockey pro born in Berlin and now living in Munich. I'm Gabriel, a former gastronome, born in Starnberg and now living in Munich. We have been doing bespoke hats together for two years now. We are Day in and Day out in the studio to create the most creative and unusual hats!!!


Why did you choose to do what you are doing now? Did you have a specific vision of your life?

We have always been very interested in fashion, especially hats. Through this great creative work, we can completely live our lives. Our vision is to send as many people as possible on the street with our hats that express their personality and character without saying a word.


Creativity has taken on a whole new meaning in recent years. Some people are trying to get out of their comfort zone to chase their dreams. So what does creativity mean to you?

Creativity knows no limits to us. We believe that creativity cannot be forced. What good is, is good.


You've been doing what you do creatively for quite some time. Could you ever imagine doing something else?

As long as the work remains creative and exciting, we are open to everything.


Life can be crazy sometimes. Some people find it easier to see what they want to do from their heart and others take their time. When did you guys realize that was your life path? What was the trigger?

Gabriel has been looking for the perfect hat for a long time. Both visually and in terms of fit. On his initiative, he attended the first hat workshop in Vienna. After Gabriel's and Patrick's first joint workshop, the fire was finally lit. (Like the Burning man in Nevada)


We don't know what the future holds for us. Nobody knows it. How do you imagine the future?

We see ourselves represented in many different places worldwide and at events and festivals. The aim is to create a sizeable Fatzke community.


You must have to go through a few hurdles in your career. Which one has shaped and influenced you the most? For what are you most grateful?

Despite Corona, we founded our label and did not let ourselves be diverted from our path. We are very grateful that our work is appreciated and understood.


What advice would you give to someone striving for his visionaries too?

Faith, passion, and love bring you to your aim.


Thank you for the interview and your time.

See you soon!

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