Making lifestyle clickable: Interview with the co-founder of LIFT YOUR VISION, Nick Reichert

Making lifestyle clickable: Interview with the co-founder of LIFT YOUR VISION, Nick Reichert

Nick Reichert is the co-founder of LIFT YOUR VISION & LYV. Together with Nenad Miljkovic and Marc Hohenberg, they created LIFT YOUR VISION.


Nick Reichert was born in a fashion and lifestyle family. Every family member worked for three generations in the industry - production, running brands, fashion agencies, etc.


He has been working since he was 15 in various jobs to learn how to do business. After moving from his home town Bremen at the age of 16 to Düsseldorf to open up his mind, he changed his domicile within five years at multiple times to Dublin, Nagold, and finally Munich. He started his career in the fashion industry, working for many lifestyles and fashion clients due to his role in a Project & People Management Company. However, he always knew that there was something more significant to achieve. Living in these locations taught that people could create unbelievable things when diverse people with diverse mindsets come together.


"For me, a vision was always something that has to do with different mindsets and perspectives. If you work with people with different mindsets, everything is possible to combine them into one vision. This is what empowers me along my young journey - believing in and bringing together visionaries from different perspectives."


Nick gives us some insights into his life and what he does at LIFT YOUR VISION in the interview. Here we go.


"I always admired people who achieved visions that nobody believed in before. But what I love is the focus these people have and the power to follow their vision. That's why we are here today."


Hey Nick, how are you doing! I'm glad that you're here for the interview. Please introduce yourself to the readers and tell them about your work?

Hey Moubsen, great to meet you. I am Nick and one of the founders of LIFT YOUR VISION. Together with my co-founders Nenad Miljkovic and my ex-neighbor Marc Hohenberg I founded LIFT YOUR VISION & LYV. For LIFT YOUR VISION, I created the company business plan in 2020 and made Nenad and Marc crazy about the big project. Nenad joined the vision and the company very fast, and we improved it until today. Today I am responsible as Managing Director for the strategy of the company, the mission "to make lifestyle clickable" and to expand the company with new visionaries. Besides my particular focus on the high fashion brand LYV my role is defined by transferring concepts & strategies into reality. To stay no matter what happens is the essential part of my role.


Why did you choose to do what you are doing now? How did you come up with the idea to build LIFT YOUR VISION?

I have always sought my proper role in life and believed in a higher purpose for every person. I tried a lot, but I never felt that I had arrived at the right destination. I knew and felt to start something on my own that can empower others and accompany people in their lives. I believe that people with visions can create unbelievable things. With LIFT YOUR VISION, I want to inspire people to believe in their vision and work together on our future - that's why I want to do this.


Creativity has taken on a whole new meaning in recent years. Some people are trying to get out of their comfort zone to chase their dreams. So what does creativity mean to you?

Creativity can occur in different forms - for me, creativity is how we think and build. It is the expression of a vision or perspective. Through my beloved mother, an artist, creativity was always the soul and beauty of life. I'm proud to work with great creative minds at LIFT YOUR VISION. The whole world wants to have more creativity nowadays - it is like a comeback of the "Golden 20s".


You've been making a fast-track career within your last company at a big corporate group. Could you ever imagine doing something else? And what is it like for you to build Lift Your Vision?

I remember that I've decided to quit my job in 2020, without knowing that LIFT YOUR VISION would be starting. The experiences in big companies and the career you've mentioned made me realize that this is not my final destination. I was convinced that I had to quit first to prepare for my "real" journey. At that time, I had a job in a big company with a bright future where I've been learning a lot. When my fiancé told me that she got pregnant with our beautiful daughter, I decided to change my life to create my path. The vision is enormous, and since we are building LIFT YOUR VISION, I really can say: The vision gets bigger and bigger. We meet people who are taken by the idea to work together and towards the vision - whether artists, lifestyle brands, musicians, or new founders. Together we create new visions - this is why I love my new role and being part of it.


Life can be crazy sometimes. Some people find it easier to see what they want to do from their heart and others take their time. When did you guys realize that was your life path? What was the trigger?

It is essential to find out what counts for oneself. My journey through different roles and cities made me realize that I need to do something that comes from my inner belief and makes me proud every day. For me, work is part of my lifestyle - every aspect of our lifestyle should be suited to our vision.


We don't know what the future holds for us. Nobody knows it. How do you imagine the future?

I think people have reacted more in the past, whether by acting proactively. In the last few years, especially since Covid, people have been more conscious of life matters. This is just the beginning. We are one world, and I hope we've learned from the past. Therefore I think the future will offer unforeseen opportunities. Humans will work together more closely - no matter where they are from, what color they have and how they are orientated. We have seen that every incident in a country 1000 miles away from us will nevertheless affect our lives due to globalization. We will understand the value of life and that visions can be faster by working together rather than against each other. My generation was born and raised with these beliefs - we are all one. People will no longer work out the same role in their jobs their whole life as they did it before. The only constant in life is changing, so the professions will change into more "project-related" roles. Due to new technologies, we will have the opportunity to learn and change faster. At the same time, creativity and innovations will work together more closely - it's not only about making more and more money, but it is also about making life more livable. Art will therefore play a more relevant role in society. So, humans will be more conscious about life, we are going to be more flexible in life, work and lifestyle will offer new opportunities, and humans work more together. That is the future I want to believe in.


What advice would you give to someone striving for his visionaries too?

Stay focused and believe in yourself and your visionary power. Don't plan too much because most of the time, the unseen situations will lead you to your best conditions - start. You even grow if you do 51% right things per day - the 49% wrong things help you do the next day right. So, first, do it for no one else but you, then for everyone in the world.


Thank you for the interview and your time.

See you soon!

Thank you, Moubsen!

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